Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pass the Window Dressing!

  • I'm mostly about the potatoes and dressing on Thanksgiving. With gravy. 
  • Google hanging on to $500+ as I type.  I suppose somebody out there is clicking on those ads out there.  It just isn't me.  It probably isn't you.  It's somebody else somehow somewhere doing the ad clicks.  I dunno.
  • More on the Google ad-click revenue thing as it relates to newspaper and TV ad revenue.  I quit the local newspaper because I read the news online these days.  And I pretty much record everything on a DVR these day and watch it later so I can zip through the commercials.  So are retailers really getting a bang for buck when advertising on GOOG, newspapers or TV? Heck, my local newspaper keeps trying to get me back by offering the paper for next to nothing! Think they need to show subscriber numbers to advertisers?
  • Reflecting on the year and what to give thanks about, it's all quite humbling.  I realize how fortunate I am.  Yes, I had to work hard and put in tons of effort.  But do you realize how great this country is?  To be able to control your own destiny and make choices! 
  • Kirk Kerkorian selling 14 million GM shares!  Hoo, that's a whole lotta supply.  Look at the GM 5-day chart for what's happened since November 20th.
  • Ready!  Set!  Guhhh... Hurry up and do nothing!  The neutal signal is on, according to Jason!  He thinks MSFT could move towards $40 with Vista release coming up.   But what about decreased XBOX 360 sales and those empty Zune aisles?
  • Lets pretend we had a 5% pullback in "the market."  With the SP500 trading near 1400, that'd be a 70 point drop to about 1330.  Just thinking out loud, that's all.
  • The football rule of thumb is don't bet against the Detroit Lions at home on Thanksgiving.  They're playing the Miami Dolphins, and the Dolphins are favored by 3 points.  That's a tough spread, but Miami has been playing really well and I think they'll cover.
  • Dallas is favored at home by 11 over Tampa Bay.  Normally, I'd take the points but the Bucs have been hapless and on this one I will take the Turkey Day homer Cowboys and lay the 11.
  • The third game tomorrow is Denver going to Kansas City, and it looks like the spread is even.  I think Denver is the better team and I'm just not sure about KC.  Taking Denver at even.

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