Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Sick Day Thoughts

  • The market opened up okay and then dropped on some weak economic news from the Chicago PMI.  We're now bouncing a bit mid-day after that, but keep an eye on that last hour of trading.  I know we all like to guess and forecast what the market is going to do, but that last hour could actually tell us. 
  • My thought (and here I go with a guess), is that the market drop on monday created some technical damage and many may want to book some gains or rotate into lower-beta names.  I sold a bit more on the bounce after this morning's drop, raising a bit more cash.  Not anxious to short anything, just watching a bit.
  • Watching a bit of Michelle Caruso-Cabrera!
  • Sore throat.  Congested.  Tired.   Staying home again today.  Ugh.  I have logged on to work twice already.  I need to stop and just chill.
  • Investors Business Daily on climate change (aka, global warming), Take a Deep Breath.  In short, they're calling the global warming crowd hysterics and fearmongers.  I think it's all about money.  Fear sells.  There is a whole cottage industry built up around global warming that has a vested interest in keeping the fear alive. 
  • Casey Serrin was on CNBC this morning in a feature discussing those folks who are in a world of hurt over real estate.  They're over leveraged and upside down in their mortgages.  Casey hosts the I am Facing Foreclosure website, which details his travails in the world of real estate.  Make sure to read the comments on those posts, which contain extremely diverse and emotional opinions and outbursts!
  • I don't get the NFL Network.  No NFL for me tonight.  Drat.  But I must remember to make fantasy football line-up changes...

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