Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Market Stuff and Links!

  • Natural Gas hit a low in September when investors thought the weather would be sunny and 80 degrees through the winter. Investors were caught off-guard when the weather cooled and the price for Natural Gas has since gone up.  Remember my blog entry in September?  I linked to a CBS Marketwatch article that said gas prices were headed lower and I questioned that asking, When is a good time to go long on natural gas?  Right then, apparently.
  • Added a few money links to the growing list on the sidebar.  Stock Trading 101 has daily market commentary.   Trading Goddess has stock insights with flare and humor.  And check out her SBH "Coverage Initiated" entry.  I think you'll like it for a couple of the same reasons I do.
  • Popcorn for lunch?  I like mine slightly burnt.  Not too much.  Medium-well, if you will.
  • Casey is planning on a podcast next week:  Conversation with a mortgage felon.
  • I'm feeling much better as the day goes on.  Woo!  I think I'll head back in the office... tomorrow.
  • From Blame Bush!  Can the Black Community Survive Hurricane Kramer?
  • Pretty impressive move by the markets this afternoon, by the way.  I've been thinking that the technical damage from the Stock Market Armageddon on monday would create some fallout, but so far so good.
  • Barry Ritholz on energy.  And more on energy from the WSJ market beat blog, Video Guide to Oil Trading which covers the two new securities from Claymore Securities.

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