Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Learning Curve Reviewed!

  • You never know what you're going to get when someone reviews your blog, but the folks at I Will F'in Tear You Apart took a look at The Learning Curve.

I bring up my "Jewish Momma's Boy" syndrome for the single purpose that The Learning Curve is absolute heaven to my little eyes. I'd almost venture and guess that Muckdog, like me, is an engineer of sorts. Everything is so neat, organized, and well planned that I seriously might bust a nut just looking at it. It's a smorgasbord of tech-geek awesomeness, which makes me almost want to hunt him down and find him just so I can hug him, give him a manly smooch on the lips, and then kick him in the nuts for not rolling up those goddamn archives. C'mon man! You allow the reader to choose whether the links open in a new window or the current window, but you can't make your archives into a drop down menu?

The content adds to the smorgasbord of tech-geek awesomeness, with a dash of financial and political commentary. It's one of those link fest blogs-you know, the ones that kind of rehash things and then give you the link for the actual info, but he does it in a way that shows a bit of his own personality, and is often humorous. I personally love it, but I can see how it's not for everyone.

Well dude. , in the most manly, non-homosexual, lets go grab a beer and hit up the strip club kind of way.

Check 'em out, and submit your site for review! (Of course, you never know what you'll get...)  Add 'em to your subs for constantly new sites to check out.

  • The market looks very suspicious here.  Kind of worried about the longs.  Not so much in the low-beta stuff, but I have been trading some more volatile small caps that seem to have a Halloween hangover.
  • Only 38 kids showed up last night.  Bad planning as I ended up with lots of less-favorite candies in the leftover bucket.  Brought them in for the diabetic coworkers.  Just kidding, but that's who seems to be picking at them.

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