Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just Like Old Times

  • During the late 1990's, portfolio managers had a tough time beating a buy and hold strategy. Simply put, why waste one's time trading in and out when owning a quality index fund or managed fund would give good enough performance?  Seems like we've been in this pattern since summer, too.  The market grinds higher and doesn't give many opportunities.
  • The healthier you are, the richer you'll get"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." And it won't make you rich either.
  • The Black Box still doesn't like tech or semis.  It wasn't until yesterday that the Nasdaq finaly reached new bull market highs, as it has trailed the DOW and SP500.  I've been using some small cap scans that seem to be working, but what isn't in this "everyday is an up day" environment?
  • The integration between the internet and home entertainment continues, as Tivo will allow folks to download internet content and watch on their TVs.
  • The Vin-Man is back!  Vinny Testaverde signs with the New England Patriots.
  • Save the cheerleader.  Save the world.
  • Uh, Microsoft's Zune sales slow?  Maybe you thought I was crazy when I asked sunday what would happen if nobody bought a Zune?

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