Monday, November 13, 2006


  • In 1992, the debate between Al Gore, Dan Quayle, and James Stockdale was famous for Admiral Stockdale's use of the word "Gridlock." It made for some great Saturday Night Live sketches with Dana Carvey playing Ross Perot and Phil Hartman as Admiral Stockdale.  (Couldn't find any on YouTube).
  • Each political side firmly believes that the other side is delusional.  Which is why Gridlock is the best form of government money can buy.  Let Bush and Congress cancel each other out for a few years. 
  • The market continued up today, and YES!  That was the Nasdaq making new 5-year highs!  Yes, here I am in low beta holdings and some cash.  No worries.  I think chasing the market is always a bad idea.  The market will do what it wants to do even though I realize that a correction is needed.  My point of view is that when I'm off on the intermediate timing of a move, I keep any speculating to short time frames.  Kind of like choking up andshortening up the swing of the bat to avoid a strike out.  The longer we run without a correction, the more severe the ultimate correction will be.  No reason here to swing for the fences.  The time to do that was in summer near the lows, and fortunately that's when I was most aggressive.
  • MNF!  It just ain't the same on ESPN.  But I have a couple players going tonight for fantasy football...

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