Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Drink Drink Drink

  • Coffee keeps diabetes away. Even decaf!  Good news for Starbucks.  That $3 a day is now part of your health maintenance program.  Maybe your HMO will offer some sort of copay in the future.  A copay coffee card!  Or maybe you can withdraw cash out of your Health Savings Account to pay for your daily grind.
  • The market is starting to act a little fishy.  We have to be careful not to be scared into thinking a big down day means the bull market is over.  After all, we've gone quite a ways without consolidation.  The one-day wonders are more profound in the opposite direction of the trend.  While the trend drips-drips-drips and grinds in one direction, the counter move may be swift and fear provoking.  Notice how a big dip like today brings the bears out of the woodwork.   I hope we consolidate sideways with low volume, but does anyone think it'll be that easy?
  • The election may provide an emotional catalyst for stocks, but the end result won't be much.  If the Democrats win the House, then we'll have gridlock.  The market likes gridlock because the Democrats and Republicans cancel each other out, and this prevents large scope legislation from being enacted.
  • Red wine molecule helps mice live longer.  For those of you worried about the longevity of your mice.  Me?  I capture the little buggers and let 'em go by the river.  But I'm not serving them wine. 
  • Oh, seriously.  All this research is good.  Imagine the ramifications if we can isolate things in coffee and wine that promote good health well into the golden years.
  • We're in the Wild Wild West days of the internet.  Lots of content out there and we expect most of it to be free.  But we're seeing a transformation and consolidation of information.   Google buying YouTube and MySpace clamping down on copyrighted material will create more structure and standards on the web.  Even the ability to generate revenues for charging for copyrighted materials, instead of that crazy revenue click-on-da-adz model.  Here's a view from CBS Marketwatch, called Pride vs. Publicity.  I prefer the web to remain like the Wild Wild West, but I have my doubts that it will be.  Keep your charge card at the ready.
  • Something to think over your red wine and coffee tonight...

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