Saturday, November 04, 2006

Decision 2006?

  • What makes Saturdays so nice is that the complicated decisions are dialed down.  Diet Pepsi or Diet Root Beer?  Notre Dame game or Wisconsin?  Meerkat Manor or something from the DVR? 
  • Charting tools?  I use Telechart.  Or TC2000.  Or TC2007.  Whatever the Worden fellas are calling it these days.  I just use the end of day "gold" service.  Not to shamelessly plug their service, but it's darn fast.  I work for a living and don't look at charts much during the day.  I do all my scans when I get home and take a look at what comes up.  Doesn't take but a few minutes.  Used it for quite awhile now, so very familiar with the quirky PCFs and EasyScans, etc. 
  • I also have Amibroker.  This is where I backtest ideas.  Not a big fan of data mining, especially because automatically applying a method over history may not reflect what one would do when it's "live and in color" (aka, your own money!).  But it's a powerful tool and fortunately links to Telechart data.  (Using the free Yahoo quote data is really time consuming, but it is free).
  • I'm currently re-reading the Market Wizards books.  Great books.
  • I'm afraid to turn on the news networks, because I know it'll be Democrats screaming at Republicans, and Republicans screaming at Democrats.  Polling data is suspect, but everyone seems to be expecting the Democrats to win the House by a slim margin and the GOP to retain the Senate by a slim margin.  Gridlock would be great.  Divided we stand, united we spend too much money.
  • OK, I think it's Diet Root Beer time...

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