Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogger's Block

Sometimes I'm here at the keyboard wondering what to blog about. Blogger's block.  It always helps to open up the RSS reader and see what other folks are writing about.  Usually the first blog I check out is Adam's, so I commented on his Random Thoughts entry...

  • That widget from mybloglog is a bit disheartening when it shows 4 of 5 of the top links from yesterday were "0 comments."
  • Since unemployment is on its way to 0%, I can't imagine there'd be that many more jobs to add in the first place. Well, except for all those new DIEBOLD programmer hires the last few months.
  • But we're all probably getting a little complacent now that the economy has been in bullish mode for a few years. We assume it'll go on forever.

It usually doesn't take me much longer to go to Barry's Big Picture, where he wonders in the Incredible Talent Pool, Zero Competition entry if he's revealing a secret locale where to find young lovelies.  I haven't left a comment there yet, but it all seems so obvious. Let me do that.

  • Was that you lurking around the shoe department?   Might also want to try heading over to cosmetics where they do the make-overs and asking "I'm a little concerned about my TV spots and looking best for the camera.  Can you ladies show me some tips?"
  • Oh, and not even the second coming of the Great Depression will keep women away from the shoe department.  Not a great read on the state of the overall economy, me thinks....

After those two, then the next stop is less predictable.  I usually hit the Yahoo headlines and see what's going on.  Lots of politics these days, so I suppose I'll have more to say on that in the days, no hours, ahead.  And I also traverse most of the blogs I link to on the sidebar, see what's on folks minds.

Eh, lunch time.

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