Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

  • The last thing I'd do on the friday after Thanksgiving ishead out shopping. While I do shop early, I'm more of a "Cyber Monday" guy than a Black Friday guy.  And when I do hit the malls, it'll be weekday nighta after 9pm.  No crowds then!
  • The markets drifing lower shocking everyone who anticipated a strong day after turkey day.  It happens.  One of the interesting themes emerging out there is the weakness in the dollar and the potential surge of commodities (aka, stuff that hurts when you drop it on your foot).  The action out there is thin and we've seen a big dose of strength since summer. 
  • Nintendo's Legend of Zelda has been an incredible video game franchise.  Nintendo is releasing the latest Legend of Zelda Twighlight Princess, at the same time as the Wii.  The new Zelda game has received rave reviews since its release with some critics calling it one of the best Zelda titles yet. According to, the title has an average rating of 97 percent among critics.
  • Hat tip to Barry Ritholz entry on Fox to air fake news show.  Uh, will anyone be able to tell the difference?

  • The new will be live on 12/04/2006!   What will they have to offer that isn't already available on hundreds if not thousands of financial blogs and news sites?  Stock charts? Blogs from CNBC anchors? Bikini pictures of Erin Burnett, Becky Quick, Bianna Golodryga, Melissa Lee, and Rebecca Jarvis? And will they be able to make zillions in revenues off of click-ads like Google?  (Because we all know how people love to click on the web ads!)  Or will they feature clever product placement ads in live video shots?  Melissa Lee for Starbucks?
  • More from Controlled Greed on Kerkorian's cutting and running on GM.
  • When you think of turkey leftovers, maybe you automatically click to Larry Kudlow's blog where he's bloggin Just Say No to Class Warfare.  While I do agree with many of KLo's points in his column, doesn't it all sound a bit tired after the election?  Despite his pounding on the table on class warfare, the reality is that we have gridlock in Washington DC and the Veto Pen will rule the day.  Excerpt: Unemployment is at historic lows. Household wealth is at an all-time record. More people own stocks than ever before in our nation’s history. Tax-free savings accounts are proliferating everywhere. And the middle class -- which aspires to be richer -- owns a larger piece of the rock than ever before. Living standards have been rising, and rising, and rising.
  • Be safe out there.  Lots of crazy folks in the malls....

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