Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Bianna Bounce!

  • Hey, the market's up. As if I need an excuse to post a pic of Bianna Golodryga.
  • One of the signs of a market top is when the market leaders faulter.  I think we'd have to say that Google and Apple have been the popular leaders of this bull market.  Apple hit an all-time high today, and the mighty Google is also at an all-time high.  GOOG has "more room to run" according to the "other" Jordan.  Yes, the market is extended but the leaders are forging ahead.
  • The VIX is an indicator of market volatility, and it is showing incredible complacency.  It hasn't been this low since 1994!  The VIX is a lousy market timing tool by itself, but one has to wonder what it's trying to tell us at these levels. More on the low VIX from Adam.
  • A better sentiment indicator IMHO is the Investors Intelligence survey.   As of last week, bulls outnumbered bears 56.4% to 22.3%.  This is a big number, folks.  Too many bulls out there at this point.   Not that many bears left.  Keep an eye on the market, because I think when the pullback happens there will be a ton of homegamers quick to lock in their gains.
  • On Heroes, saving the cheerleader didn't seem to be that big of a deal considering the build up.  Looks like the painter, Isaac, already painted the future showing Peter had saved the cheerleader.  Although the painting didn't reflect the act of saving itself.  But it was easy to predict how Peter would survive And who knows where Hiro is.
  • Green Pea flavored soda, anyone?  Anyone?  After introducing the world to new soda flavors like fish taco and salmon, Seattle specialty beverage maker Jones Soda Co. is offering a new flavor: Green pea.  Green pea, along with other unusual sodas such as turkey and gravy, dinner roll, sweet potato and antacid flavor, will be part of the company's $10 to $15 "holiday pack" of bottled drinks available nationwide.  Anyone?  Eh, throw a few shots of Jack Daniels in there, how bad could it be?
  • The OJ Simpson book and TV special rangs among the dumbest ideas ever.  Uh, hello?
  • Barry Ritholz on the continuing decline in home sales and housing prices.  Prices have dropped like a stone in my NorCal hood, BR.

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