Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bad News is Good News

  • Home Depot reported decelerating earnings yesterday. Stock was initially down but closed up over $1 by the close.  DR Horton reported a 51% drop in income, and their stock was up almost 10% yesterday.  That's how you know we're in a bull market.  Bad news is good news.  Someday it will matter, but that's not today.
  • I'm at this mall the other day, and there is a little snack stand selling bottled water for $2 a bottle.  Right next to the snack stand was a drinking fountain.  Nobody is at the drinking fountain, but the bottled waters are selling like hotcakes.  Go figure.
  • Desperate Housewives video gameIn the game, players assume the role of a new female neighbor that moves into the neighborhood. She interacts with the characters from the series to solve a new mystery.
  • Market is on a moon-shot as I type. WOW!  SP500 is over 1400!  Breatk out the party hats!  Lots of breakouts, and even though I noted the extended charts of individual stocks, it just doesn't matter right now.

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