Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Achoo! Snif.

  • Two days after the big sell off, the market is trying to recapture the previous highs. I think we have to respect the effort, but realize that some of the action may be due to sector rotation and folks moving money to a "safer haven."  For those of us with diversified portfolios, perhaps it doesn't matter just yet as the indexes advanced.  But take a look at some of the tech names. Google was downApple was down.   Research in Motion was downThe semiconductors ETF was down, and continues it's downtrending year.  (See the weekly chart).  When the market changes direction, it doesn't always ring a bell to alert folks.  Sometimes what happens is that the leaders start to turn down and money churns elsewhere.
  • Home sick today.  Yet, via the marvels of modern technology (aka telecommuting) I find myself directing my staff over at the Fun Factory.  Not sure I'm getting much rest, but at least I'm sniffling here at home and in my sweats.  And for some reason, I'm craving chips and onion dip.  I'll regret that later I'm sure.
  • On the search engine whoring front, I've been getting some referrals from search engines looking for Bianna Golodryga and Erin Burnett (in a bikini).  Bianna seems to be getting some major attention out there.  Shocker!
  • I'm watching Cramer right now.  He has more energy in one hour than I do in a whole week.
  • GDP was revised upward.  Interesting.  Still slower than the brisk 3%-plus rates we ran quarter after quarter.
  • OK...  I better try to rest up some.

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