Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Morning Boo!

  • Well the weather is changing here in Sacramento. Seems like it always happens around Halloween time.  We have rain in the forecast.  Light fog in the morning today.
  • Everyone seems to think that this October-November period is a strong one historically in the market.  You have to wonder since the market fooled those of us worred about a seasonal correction in September-October, if she'll fool us once again.  Just thinking out loud.
  • I've had 2 pieces of candy so far today.  Er, 3.
  • My timing is thrown off with the "fall back" of the clock.  Dark on the drive home.  Can't get the yard stuff done anymore during evenings!
  • Interesting that the six-party talks are on again with North Korea.  Looks like Condi did a good job on her recent trip over there.
  • You know, hearing some local TV interviews on the upcoming election and I wonder if last week's Barron's is right about the GOP holding on to Congress.  People seem pretty happy about the economy.  Despite CNN going on and on about this being another Great Depression.  Does anyone watch CNN anymore?  What are they talking about?
  • More candy...

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