Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is Ken Lay Really Dead?

Is Ken Lay really dead? Was it a government conspiracy?  Is Ken Lay alive?  You be the judge!

My take:  "As the paramedics left, a black car sped away from the garage at 80mph being driven by one witness described as Vice President Dick Cheney accompanied by an unidentified passenger wearing a ball cap.  The witness described the unidentified passenger as 'laughing his ass off' as the car vanished around the corner."

Hey, let the rumors of a witness protection program begin!

And from around the web...

In Edit: Hey, if Ken Lay is in a witness protection program, where is he and what is his new identity? A soybean farmer in Iowa? It couldn't be in a small town like Hinton, where everyone knows everybody. Can't just drop a 64 yr old man in there. Folks would know, and ask questions. How about an assistant manager at a pizza place in Fresno, CA? Most of the teenagers working at a place like that probably don't know who Ken Lay is and might not be able to find Texas on a map. Plus, Fresno is a big enough city out of the limelight. Hmm....

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