Friday, September 09, 2005


Hang on for the ride!

* I was reading around about energy conservation, and most are thinking that with fuel so expensive, folks will resort to hybrids. But then, if gas gets cheap again, will folks switch back to SUVs? I have an idea to sell a lot of hybrids...

Apple introduces the iPod Auto! A hybrid car that comes with a 40-gig hard drive, and in multiple colors! (No ear buds, though!)

* The first NFL game in the books, and outside of a jog at halftime that took me until half-way through the 3rd quarter, I watched every snap. Oakland looks good. Tough to win on the road opening night in New England.

* The markets? Hah! Lots of folks thinking that the hurricane Katrina impact will be negative to the economy, but the stock market is telling us otherwise. Heck, since the hurricane, the market has rallied and oil has fallen in price. Exactly the opposite of what the "experts" predicted.

* Wireless broadband news here. Seems like just a matter of time before we don't need landlines to make phone calls or access the net (in a reliable and speedy manner).


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