Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scottish Voters Choose to Join Alibaba

Scottish voters choose to join Alibaba! $BABA


EDINBURGH, Scotland — Scottish voters decided they are better off remaining part of the United Kingdom, a blow against independence that produced a huge sigh of relief in London and averted an uncertain future for the country.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Growth Stocks Hammered

Not a good day for growth stocks. Check out the IBD50!  Wow!

Everybody Waits For One But ...

$SPY - Everyone says they want a pullback in stocks but as soon as one happens they get scared and don't buy. 

Markets pulling back this morning.  Especially growth stocks.  The rumor is that the selling is out of growth names as everyone wants the new and shiny growth name that IPOs on Friday,  $BABA. 

I'm trying to get some shares but looks like it will be hard to get them at the IPO proce.  That leaves first day trading - uh, ouch.  But since folks have FB and TWTR as a recent reference it seems folks expect a pullback after the IPO.  Which means there probably won't be a pullback. Lol.  Play small on day one to get a toe in the water, and keep some powder dry for later?


Looking at my watch list, the "who's who" of growth stocks getting sold hard. I'm not doing much until Thursday or Friday. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

McDonalds Rallies Despite the Negativity

image $MCD – So everyone is hammering McDonalds on the TV as bad news flows in. Yet, the stock rallied today.  Hey, that’s sometimes a good thing when everyone is bearish and the stock rallies anyway.

Yes, there are lots of competitors out there.  Seems like there are gourmet burger places all over the place that sell food that isn’t too much more expensive than a McDonalds meal.  Some fast food and casual diners are seemingly higher quality and more fashionable.  Folks want to at least think they’re eating healthier, and McDonalds is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.  (Heads up:  2400 calorie burritos won’t do your body any favors, either!)

And what’s next, McBrunch?

Long $MCD

‎Rising Rates?

$TLT, $TBT - Behind the noise of the $AAPL Apple iPhone 6 and the $BABA Alibaba IPO, bonds have been on a bit of a slide the last week.  Rates have ticked up a bit as there could be higher rates in the future.

At least the fear of higher rates for now.

Seems to me whenever the Fed meets and causes some reaction, there is an opposite reaction shortly thereafter as they make comments that seemingly state the opposite of what they may have said the day before.

Stay tuned.

No positions.

Fed Weighs Change to Rate Guidance in Quest for More Flexibility

Jeff Kearns, Christopher Condon and Steve Matthews

Bloomberg - Bloomberg - Wed Sep 10 17:00:00 UTC 2014

Federal Reserve officials are considering whether to alter their guidance on the likely path of inte...

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Is Las Vegas Sands Corps' Stock a Buy?

$LVS - The stock has been ugly but there are some revenue catalysts on the horizon. My concern is that weak stocks tend to perform poorly during market corrections.  (Should we ever have a market correction again).  But should the market continue to rally, then investors may start looking back to gaming stocks and Las Vegas Sands has some new property openings coming up.  In addition, even with revenues currently slowing down, those kinds of things tend to rebound eventually.  People like gambling.

It has been a rough end to the summer for shareholders of Las Vegas Sands, who have seen their stock plummet 20% since early August on concerns that Macau's gaming market is taking a turn for the worst. But the falling stock price could create a buying opportunity for investors willing to take the long view with this company.

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‎Apple Unveils New iPhones and Watch‎

$AAPL - The new Apple iPhone and Watch not exactly life changing. Upgrades for most of us down the road, if we are in the Apple ecosystem. The big deal for Apple earnings will be the higher prices of the 6+ and fees from using their smartphone payment system.

(Which will amount to a whole lotta money).

Will it be enough to accelerate growth for the company and/or justify a higher PE multiple?  That's the billion dollar question.

Apple Unveils New iPhones and Watch

Daisuke Wakabayashi

The Wall Street Journal. - The Wall Street Journal. - Tue Sep 9 19:55:37 UTC 2014

In an ambitious blitz of new products, Apple Inc. unveiled a pair of larger-screen iPhones, a sleekl...

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